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    Chengdu hon zu (Hon Zu) trading co., LTD., is a branch company located in the southwest region of the company of Dinkum (Dinkum) trading co., LTD., and Shanghai tem (Mesh) trading co., LTD, relying on strong corporation power technology and products, and specializes in sichuan, chong qing, yunnan, guizhou and other regions of the lubricant sales and service work.

     DINKUM(SHANGHAI) and SHANGHAI MESH have provided professional service to clients in many industries with our core principles of sincerity and trust. At the same time, We are a domestic first-class agent and importer of many world-famous lubricating brands, providing our customers with a one-stop service, and importing a wide range of high quality lubricating oils and greases. such as Showa Shell、Mobil、MD Metal Working Fluid、NIppeco 、NICHIMOLY、AQUA Chemical、TOHO Chemical、Nippon Grease、NSL (NIKKO SANGYO)、Kyodo Yushi、OKS、Anderol  etc. We provide goods and services to several thousand customers throughout China an are highly regarded industry specialists. Our sales engineers and service staff visit clients across the country and are always available to assist you in selecting the most suitable products and provide you with the very best technical support.
   Chengdu  hon zu (Hon Zu) trading co., LTD. is willing to work with the vast number of friends share the achievements of Shanghai headquarters lubrication applications of about twenty years, from the Angle of the equipment lubrication optimization for the enterprise management, improve the past the old ideas of the oil, reduce production costs, improve equipment reliability, make the equipment to achieve good running state, provide enterprises with suitable lubricating oil.
  Headquarters company established a large-scale warehouse in Shanghai songjiang district base, business covers main areas in China, at the same time, the southwest longquanyi district in chengdu also has a warehouse, in order to offer customers faster and more efficient services. We will meet customers' requirements with high quality service, high quality products and professional technology.

Service industry:

Steel and metallurgical automobile industry textile printing and dyeing

Chemical equipment metal processing power plant power station

Paper machinery pharmaceutical food electronics

Cement mine optical instrument aerospace and so on